Laser Cutting

As part of our manufacturing facilities, Avicraft have a full CAD/CAM driven flatbed Carbon laser cutter/engraver that we use in the manufacture of our kits and accessories, this unit is capable of cutting and engraving a large variety of sheet materials and thickness’s to high accuracy and with very good results.

If you have a project that requires laser cutting or engraving and would like to speak to our in house experts about it we would be glad to help.

On top of the balsa/ply kits that we make, we also cut Depron for model planes and parts, Perspex balsa cutters, cut and engraved trophies and keepsakes and made puzzles !

If you can draw it, chances are we can cut it for you ! (in fact we can also help with the drawing/CAD bit too if need be)

Some info about Laser Cutting

Wood and Engineered Woods such as MDF and Ply are an essential material group, having unique properties that can’t be duplicated by any other material type. The big issue is sustainability – the wood, whether used naturally, or turned into an engineered material must be from a sustainable source, otherwise we’re going to be in a real pickle in the coming years!

Laser Cut Wood

Used in many applications, ranging from bespoke furniture to architectural restoration – we often get asked to reproduce antique designs so a house can be restored to its original glory. Most types of wood cut well although Ebony is awful for some reason.

Laser Cut MDF

Possibly one of the most versatile products around – we’ve cut components for everything ranging from a stencil to intricate decorative panels.

Laser Cut Ply

Together with other engineered woods this is once again a well-used material. The range of veneered finishes available means it can be used for everything from signs to theatre sets. We cut decorative garden panels, Christmas decorations and roofing components; we’ve even cut parts for battle re-enactments!